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Introducing the Ultimate Wiwiurka Triangular Rope Climber/Ladder for Your Child's Development!

The perfect addition to your indoor or outdoor play area, Montessori playroom! Our climbing structure is designed to help your child develop gross motor skills through physical movement and exploration, promoting balanced development and stimulating their senses.

Designed for children between 3 and 10 years old, Wiwiurka Triangular Rope Climber/Ladder is the perfect equipment to strengthen their gross motor skills.
Climbing helps children build their arm and leg muscles, hand-eye coordination, balance, and a range of other vital skills. But it doesn't stop there - physical movement at an early age is also the foundation for reading, writing, and analytical thinking!

The Triangular Rope Climber/Ladder is also an excellent choice for children with diverse neurodevelopmental needs. It provides a unique sensory experience and helps develop spatial awareness, balance, and coordination - all while promoting healthy physical activity.

Watch your child(ren) and their friends enjoy endless fun and adventure on this fantastic climbing structure. With its versatile design, children can also swing, twirl, and perform acrobatics. The only limit is their imagination - "Look, Mom, I'm taking off in a spaceship!"


Climber Large Small
Age 2 - 10 years 2 - 8 years

11.5 feet tall from the bottom rung to the snap ring.

7.5 feet high from the first level to the spring snap to hang it.

*Distance between the bottom rung and the top rung: 6.3 ft

*Distance between the top rung and the carabiner: 5.2 ft

*Distance between rungs: 35 cm.

*The top rungs (largest) are 65 cm long.

*Distance between the bottom rung and the top rung: 3.4 ft

*Distance between the top rung and the carabiner: 4.1 ft

*Distance between rungs: 35 cm.

*The top rungs (largest) are 60 cm long.

Max Lbs



Wiwiurka Triangular Rope Climber/Ladder is built to last, with a maximum weight capacity of 175lbs. The recommended age range is 3-10 years old, making it perfect for young children who want to explore and push their limits. And with a distance of 6.3ft between the bottom rung and the top rung, it provides the perfect challenge for your little ones to conquer.

To hang our Triangular Rope Climber/Ladder from a tree, the branch must be at least 11.5ft tall. So whether you have a tree in your backyard or a nearby park, you can easily set up this amazing piece of equipment for your child's enjoyment and development.

Invest in your child's development today and give them the gift of adventure with our Triangular Rope Climber/Ladder. Order now and watch your child(ren) climb to new heights!

We take safety very seriously, and it is essential to note that we are not responsible for any incident that may occur from the misuse of the rope ladder. Children under 4 years old or those with special needs should use the climber under adult supervision.

Maintenance advice:
Check all ropes regularly, and replace them if necessary. For outdoor use, we recommend applying an exterior wood treatment once a year.

Mounting hardware is not included. We recommend that you get a heavy-duty swing hangers kit for your ceiling. If you don't have the hardware or knowledge about the installation, please seek professional help.

Disclaimer: At Wiwiurka, we prioritize the safety of our customers and the proper use of our toys. It is important to note that the toys should be used responsibly and in accordance with the provided instructions and age recommendations.

We kindly remind you that Wiwiurka cannot be held responsible for any incidents or accidents resulting from the misuse or improper handling of our toys. It is crucial to ensure proper supervision and age-appropriate use of the toys to minimize any potential risks.

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