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At Wiwiurka, we are passionate about creating a world of possibilities for little adventurers. We are a brand dedicated to fusing fun and learning in a safe and stimulating environment. We believe that play is a fundamental part of child development. Our approach focuses on providing playful experiences that arouse curiosity, encourage imagination, and promote active learning.


  • 2010- Wiwiurka was founded as a project with the purpose of connecting with people through nature, a sustainable lifestyle and independence. Initially, we focused on the health and maintenance of the trees with harvested wood. We were driven by a desire to encourage creativity and imagination in our own children.

  • 2018- We began exploring interior design trends to create color palettes that would complement any home. We wanted our products to be not only functional and educational, but also beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.



Create exceptional quality products that promote active play, creativity, and the all-round development of children.

We strive to offer innovative and sustainable solutions, inspired by Pikler, Montessori and Waldorf pedagogies, that enrich the lives of children and their families.

We are committed to providing a safe, stimulating and beautiful gaming environment, while acting in an environmentally responsible and socially responsible manner.


At Wiwiurka, we are proud to be the first company in the market to offer specialized climbing equipment for families around the world.

As constant innovators, we focus on handcrafting beautiful furniture pieces in small batches.

Our vision is to be world leaders in the creation of sustainable and socially responsible toys and furniture for the integral development of children.