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Thank you very much for purchasing a Wiwiurka toy!

The philosophy of our workshop is based on the quality, beauty and aesthetics of handmade products with love, care and responsibility.

You can be confident that our products have been designed and improved from their practical use by children of the recommended ages for each one, with top quality materials.

Our national pine woods are personally selected, verifying resistance, quality and finish. Likewise, the plywood is a Sveza brand, imported from Europe and certified as a formaldehyde-free plywood. The finishes and final details of our products are made with toxic-free water-based acrylic paint, water-based matte sealer and natural or vegetable oils or waxes.

We offer 1 year warranty from the delivery date. Wiwiurka will not offer a refund or replacement parts if there is damage resulting from alterations, improper use, improper assembly and/or the omission of our recommendations for use and maintenance, which are shared below:

  1. In general, the wood is not worked to remain outdoors without special treatment. None of our climbing products should be used outdoors (except climbing frames, swings and outdoor trapeze). If for some reason it is required to use it outdoors, a base can be applied that prevents direct contact with moisture and it must be protected from the sun with some type of roof or shade. Exposure to the elements can cause effects of humidity and breakage, considerably reducing the life time of the product.

  2. Wiwiurka products should be cleaned with a dry cloth if they have a natural finish or colors without a sealant layer. If you have purchased a product with a final sealant layer, you can use a slightly damp cloth without side effects.

  3. Avoid contact with liquids as these will damage the wood; contact with liquids can wash the paint leaving it stained.

  4. In the case of climbers, trapezes and swings, which can be manufactured for outdoors, it is recommended to apply an outdoor treatment once a year to keep the toy in optimal condition. In seasons of snowfall or heavy rain they must be sheltered to avoid shortening their life time.

  5. It is recommended to wash by hand and dry flat in the sun the pieces such as silks or crocheted fabrics. Do not bleach or tumble dry.

Any replacement of parts or screws can be requested directly from Wiwiurka to the email hola@wiwiurka.com , which could have a minimal cost based on the reason of need.

Any type of failure or inconvenience at the time of receipt of the package must be notified immediately for follow-up and solution.