$60.00 USD
Introducing the Wiwiurka Emotions Board – a valuable tool for nurturing your child's emotional intelligence. This exceptional board offers three key benefits for mental health, especially for non-verbal kids:


  • Emotional Literacy:Help your child understand and express their feelings by interacting with this board, laying the foundation for healthy self-expression and improved relationships.
  •  Emotional Regulation: Through play, children explore a range of emotions, equipping them with essential skills to manage and regulate their feelings effectively.
  •  Inclusivity and Self-Reflection: Available in four skin tones, the Emotions Board promotes inclusivity and self-identity, enhancing self-esteem and empathy.

For non-verbal kids, this board becomes an invaluable tool to communicate and connect with their emotions. Crafted from European birch Plywood and coated with non-toxic, child-safe finishes, it's the perfect way to turn playtime into a learning and self-discovery adventure. Order the Wiwiurka Emotions Board today and empower your child's emotional growth and expression.

Handmade with certified safe materials.

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