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The best companion in adventures, the Wiwi Paws wooden stepping stones allow the creation of lava circuits and stations, follow the leader, obstacle courses and different games promoting leaps and flips to enhance coordination and stretching of both muscles and joints for a better body movement.

By promoting balance and coordination, they are perfect for improving the development of proprioception. They boost color identification skills as of 12 months old.

*Use to help improve balance, core strength and coordination

*Supports kids with motor delays, ADHD and autism

*Build strength and confidence

*Indoor & Outdoor play. For all ages


Each set includes a specific number of paws based on the color palette selection:

  • Pastel: 9
  • Rainbow: 7
  • Ocean Vibes: 8
  • Earth tones: 6
  • Sunset: 6
  • Voices of the Mountain: 8
  • Coral: 5
  • Rainbowland: 6
  • Forest Dreams: 7
  • Monochromatic: 8 (2 paws in each color)


Made with European certified FSC Sveza Plywood; and anti-slip lower face. Water-based and non-toxic acrylic paints & water-based, non-toxic, matte finish wood sealant.


Made with care & love

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